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5 ways to get some matches under your belt!

We at Live4Tennis believe playing matches is a sure way to improve your level, no matter what stage you are at. So here are some top tips to grt started!

1) Join a matchplay session, this is usually arranged by a local provider, like us, we have Freeplay which is designed to encourage match play before enterping a tournament. Every match is entered into a ladder where players can leap frog positions if they win! It’s loads of fun and the kids engage because it is fun but also has a competitive element, being top of the ladder has proven tricky to stay there !

You can see our competitions via our competitions webpage. Here

2) Enter local leagues or tournaments you can sign up to tournaments Here you can search locally or nationally depending on how far you want to travel. Tradings start at 5 to 1, grade 5 is a good place to start locally!

3) Join a coaching programme which has regular competition at the end of term this is also a great way to get started,

4) Adults can play in local leagues through tennis clubs, this will put you in contact with other players who are of similar age and interest.

Ferndown Tennis Club here

Victoria Avenue Tennis Club here

Donhead Shaftesbury Tennis Club here

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