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5 Reasons why you should start to play tennis

1. It's great for the Body and Mind

Tennis is not only a physical game but also improves mental health, tennis player are mentally strong which helps take them through tough matches and through to the next level.

2. You can play all year round

Contrary to what people think, tennis is played all year round, a bit of rain is no problem also playing in fresh conditions is actually quite liberating + you soon warm up!

3. It's a game for life

Tennis is truly a game for all ages, children as young as 2 can start to learn the game going all the way up to 100 years plus! None contact and low impact = long life, who doesn't want to live forever?

4. It's social

Tennis is often thought of is Wimbledon whites and tally hoe, but in fact, there are lots of grassroots clubs around that are very social and accessible for any age and abilities, do your research and find a club for you. Cardio tennis is always fun and very social as it's hitting tennis balls to music!

5. It's not as expensive as you may think

People often think it is expensive (it can be) there are lots of clubs around that offer coaching for as little as £6 a session or household park schemes for as little as £37 per year. Get yourself a racket and some tennis balls and your game set and match!

Want to get into tennis?

Get yourself involved today.

or if not local,


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