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Live4Tennis 5 Top Tips for Tennis

1: You do not have to be a pro to start playing tennis - It is a common misconception that you have to be good to play, all you need is a racket, ball and a partner, with so many different versions of the game Mini tennis (Smaller courts and slower balls), Touchtennis (think 5 a side football of tennis) also courts becoming more and more accessible why not get out there.

2: Its great exercise! You can burn as much energy playing tennis as in the gym, a great variation to tennis is 'Cardio Tennis' (think circuits but hitting tennis balls to music) Working at your own speed the aim is to keep in your cardio workout zone to burn those calories!

3: You can play on any size court, some of the best times I have had playing tennis was over a piece of string in my back garden against my family, we developed so many skills and they all transfer to other sports which is a bonus!

4: Tactical tip: Keeping a good court position, if you are playing singles or doubles the easiest way to increase your level straight away is to keep yourself behind the baseline when at the back of the court, remember it is easier to go forwards than it is to go backwards, as you get more focused on the incoming ball your reactions and positioning will improve your game massively!

5: Techincal Tip: It is commonly thought that all power comes from your arms when hitting forehands and backhands, most power will come from your hip and body rotation including arms, most important tho is a well-positioned stance behind the back of the ball!

I hope you enjoyed our top tips and has inspired you to either get back on the court or give tennis a go! You can see what we have to offer regards to coaching or friendly competition via our website or you can drop us an email:

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