Types of competitions

Up & coming competitions


Free Play

is a free session organised by the live4tennis coaches but without any coaching, to allow everyone an opportunity to play sets (i.e. first to 6 games) without being judged. It's a perfect way to start to play matches in a friendly environment.


LTA Team Challenge

is a fixture against another club, still a friendly and fun environment as you compete in a team, but more serious than a free play session. Still organised by the live4tennis coaches. Matches can be home and away so travel will be necessary sometimes.


LTA Matchplay

is the next level up and is considered an LTA Grade 6 event. These may be organised by an LTA official rather than a coach. These events are open to players from all clubs.


LTA Youth Tour

is the top level of competition in the UK. Grade 1 & 2 are national events, grade 3 regional events and grade 4 & 5 county events. LTA officials will always organise them and players compete for ranking points.