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LTA Youth Blue- A guide for Parents

Hi Chris here, I thought I would share this guide for parents and what to expect for their children when signing up for LTA Youth Blue, this is for our Reception to yesr 1 players, please watch the video below explaining what we do.

We hope you understand that LTA Blue is a fantastic and fun way to level up your childrens skills for tennis and also the next stage of their journey, all these skills are transferable to tennis and a fantastic way for you child to engage in our amazing sport! What you can do to help, 1) Please feel free to recreate ideas at home and play as much as you can to improve ready for their next lesson. 2) Speak with your child to prepare them for what the lesson is about, we really need the children to be on board with the games and skills, tennis is alot more than just hitting balls over a net, we would love to give them the chance to be great players as they progress. 3) Best encouraging we are not looking for results just yet its more the activity and trying their hardest to accomplish a task, there's plenty of time for the wins! 4) Get involved yourself, maybe get a family membership or pick up a racket and get playing it really is a fun sport and you only need one other player to get a game. I hope this was helpful, any questions, we are here to help. Chris, Ian and Rob Fun, Believe, Achieve

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