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Live4Tennis Post Lockdown update Feb 2021



1: Lockdown Update

Great news after the announcement yesterday tennis will return on Monday 29th March 2021.

Plan: We will be doing a 7-week block starting 29th March. One week before the Easter holidays and six weeks after.

We have been busy uploading the courses for our return, everybody must sign up for the course via our website before the course start date, everyone that has paid in advance for the Jan-Feb block will receive a coupon code to reduce the cost.

So Monday groups will get 5 weeks of the price (i.e. only pay for 2 weeks) and Tuesday-Friday groups will get 6 weeks of the price (i.e. only pay for 1 week).

What we are unsure about yet is, if there will be restrictions on group sizes, but is expected max 15 as before the current lockdown measures. Group sizes to TBC.

Course Links:

Safety: We will urge players to wash hands with a sanitiser either using the dispenser as they enter the court or using their own bottle. Here is the latest LTA advice, there is more to this so please visit link for more detailed info. click

Finally, we have some research on tennis balls is one of the lowest risk carriers, although it still can potentially carry the balls do lose the amount of virus on the ball after 1-5 mins so still a risk but a good bit of reassurance, the biggest risk will be water droplets so we will be asking players to adhere social distancing on the court, being outside does help however. Here is a link to the scientific paper if anybody is interested, I am sure there is more digging to be done. click

Until Monday 29th March, we will be in touch and we look forward to seeing you again in due course.

Ian and Chris.


2: Freeplay Saturdays

Time: 12:30-2pm,

Where? Ferndown Community Tennis Courts

Who is it for? Juniors (U18) and Minis (U10) + Parents all welcome.

Cost: FREE!!!

This is a free session organised by the live4tennis coaches but without any coaching, to allow everyone an opportunity to have some fun competition, without being judged its a perfect way to start to play matches in a friendly environment. We encourage everyone to come along whether you play in the programme. We want to get the place buzzing on a Saturday so make sure you put your name down via the competitions page on the website or click this link to find the next session!


3: Team Challenge, Summer Schedule,

What is it? LTA Team challenge is the first step in playing tennis matches in a competition environment, the format is less traditional than a tournament but it certainly is a great way to get involved.

Who is it for? We have Red and Orange (aged 7,8&9) and Green/Yellow (Age 10,11,12+)

Why? As you may know, we have three places to play tennis and we wanted to get players together but also play some friendly matches, so we have created a schedule of fixtures.

See Schedule below:

Round 1:

Saturday 5th June - Ferndown vs Shaftesbury - Green/Yellow ball

Saturday 5th June - Shaftesbury Vs Ferndown - Red/Orange Ball

Round 2:

Saturday 12th June - Victoria Avenue Vs Ferndown - Green/Yellow Ball

Saturday 12th June - Ferndown Vs Victoria Avenue - Red/Orange Ball

Round 3:

Saturday 26th June - Shaftesbury Vs Victoria Avenue - Red/Orange

Saturday 26th June - Victoria Avenue Vs Shaftesbury - Green/Yellow

Round 4:

Saturday 3rd July - Ferndown Vs Shaftesbury - Red/Orange

Saturday 3rd July - Shaftesbury Vs Ferndown - Green/Yellow

Round 5:

Saturday 10th July - Ferndown Vs Victoria Avenue - Green/Yellow

Saturday 10th July - Victoria Avenue Vs Ferndown - Red/Orange

Round 6:

Saturday 17th July - Victoria Avenue Vs Shaftesury - Red/Orange

Saturday 17th July - Shaftesbury Vs Victoria Avenue - Green/Yellow

Interested? Sign ups open now! Click



4: Holiday Camp Schedules,

We have also uploaded all of our holiday schedules up including the Summer Holidays!!

For the full breakdown, make sure you select the venue you want to attend. Click


5: Community Groups:

We have a special feature on our website which enable groups of similar-minded players to come together and get involved, discuss, pick up the latest news and offers. Here is the link to the page, atm we have our Saturday Freeplay, Juniors, Minis and Cardio! There will be more so any suggestions are welcome.

Get involved!


Take care and look forward to getting back on court!

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