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Summer Tennis Newsletter |Ferndown | Shaftesbury | Winton|

  1. Tennis camps

  2. Summer Squad (Teens)

  3. Adult coaching with Rob (Ferndown)

  4. Private 121 sessions (Chris, Ian & Rob)

  5. September Coaching available to book now!

  6. Hoodies

  7. Information on new group times for new school year.

  8. Wimbledon Museum and tour deal with Heathside Travel


1) Summer Camps

1) We are here all summer providing fun and exciting tennis days for all abilities, what is great is that you can choose the day you wish to attend so no ties to full weeks.

Each day is designed to challenge and improve your child so if you need help with childcare or not, rest assured you know that your children will be well looked after, Honesty, Respect, Self Belief, Teamwork and Determination are key values we believe in for tennis and also transfer into daily life, these are highlighted throughout each day.

Timings: 9-3pm

Dates can be found here

Please navigate to each venue before you search for days.


2) Summer Squad

Our first ever Junior/Teens camp session happened last week and also Shaftesbury’s first this week have been very successful.

Designed to cater for the older players from Y7+ For 2 hours after our regular camps, we have made this fun, competitive but also bring back some classic games from camps but for older players.

Timings: 3-5pm

Mon, Tue & Fridays

More info here


3) Adults and Pro hits with Rob

Rob has finished his first full term with us and is eager to do more, he has started an adults evening group which has seen a good response, he also has slots available to book for 121 hitting sessions, designed to hone your skills on whatever area you would like to work on!

For more information and to book, visit

🎾Adults here

(It’s still not too late)

🎾 121’s here

Thanks to Rob who has been brilliant since he has come in. 🎾


4) Private sessions

Who wouldn’t want to have some top class coaching from Chris, Ian and Rob, photos taken at our last photo shoot… not photoshop used, Promise 🤩

121’s are very much 100% focus on you and your game, it is a brilliant way to improve even faster than you will do normally through groups, club or matches.

🎾 Ian’s availability is very limited so please check before booking here

🎾 Chris has limited availability across Ferndown and Victoria Avenue, his slots are on an appointment system so if his hours work then you can book a slot.

More info here

🎾 Robs is as above here


5) September Coaching blocks available to book now!

We look forward to our programme returning in September.

Ian and Rob are back from 5th September,

Chris is back week 2 week of 12th September.


6) Hoodies

We haven’t forgotten the hoodies, we did a big order in however our supplier has ran out, we are looking to have the first batch ready for September!

Did you know you can buy hoodies and Polos in our shop?

We have big plans to bring more too… w Keep an eye out for announcements!

Visit Shop click


7) September courses are available to book now, if you are not sure which group to pick, please use the table below as a guide, if your child is going into any of the middle columns you are more than likely going to need to move up. Please get in touch if you are unsure.

Table of descriptions for age groups and year groups, outlining which group to choose in September, any more info, please contact us,
Year group help for September 22


8) Do you want to visit the Wimbledon Museum? Here’s your chance…

Heathside Travel are offering a trip on Thursday 15th September 2022,

The trip includes coach travel there and back, entry to the museum, and a guided tour round the grounds and Centre Court!

🎾 Price is £58.00 per person,

🎾 Pick up in Ferndown, Wimborne, West Moors, Verwood and Ringwood.

📞 If would like to book, you can contact the booking office on 01202 892202.

Make sure you mention you saw it from us! 🎾

(James D is booked on so let’s get as many as possible)


Have a fantastic last few weeks of the summer and we look forward to seeing you in September!



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