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4 Reasons why Cardio Tennis is great!

Cardio Tennis has been around since 2005 combining Tennis and a circuit-based workout to music, it really is lots of fun amongst other things it is also very social and rewarding!

1: It's social! You may not know many people or just have moved into the area? Your Cardio session is as competitive as you make it, it's regular weekly sessions so you meet people on the court and make friends as you workout!

2: You burn lots of calories! I can not imagine going to the gym and hitting those machines! Cardio tennis really is a fantastic workout, you can burn over 700 calories and improve fitness while hitting a ball!!

3: You do not have to be amazing at tennis! Tennis largely is regarded as a sport you have to e good at, at Cardio, if you swing and miss you just carry onto the next part of the circuit, no judgement made!

4: Play in any weather! Our Cardio bunch are rather mad, they play in any weather! The rain just makes it more fun in our opinion!

There we have it, what better reason than these to get onto the court!

Our sessions are Mondays 7:45-8:45 pm! to find out more visit our website

for more info on Cardio or find a session nearer to you, visit


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