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"What's Next for LTA Youth Start Players? Navigating the Path to Continued Tennis Success"

Thank you for a fantastic six weeks! I hope your child had a wonderful first experience with tennis. The LTA Youth Start course is a great introduction to the sport, and we aim to inspire a lasting interest in tennis beyond this course.

Good news! Your sessions will continue, and we hope this becomes a regular activity for your family. Our goal is to create a learning environment where your child can develop tennis skills while also enhancing their social interaction, listening abilities, determination, resilience, speed, strength, agility, balance, and self-confidence. These skills are not only valuable for tennis but also beneficial for other sports and academic performance.

Heres how we work:

  • Pay Monthly: If you want to speed up progress you can take our a pay monthly package which cover up to 2 group sessions and also one holiday session or if you want to go extra, you can go for the + packages which add the option for 121 lessons. For more information please visit our subscription packages. here

  • Pay half termly: We run our coaching blocks half termly 5,6,7 weeks depending on term, these s essions work out roughly £6.75 for an hour.

  • Each player attending will receive one of our blue hoodies! We hold order windows this is arranged via Whatsapp groups. We add £5 per half term for this so to cover the cost of the hoodies over a year.

  • We work together to set goals with your child using our Live4Tennis Rally awards Programme, this will give you and your child a great focus on whats needed to progress and this is where you come in as you can also help with progression by using these challenges to progress. Information will be handed to you on court and you can also see our challenges via our website click

  • We also on the last week of term actually play some tennis matches, usually a team competition, this is a great first step into entering and playing tournaments.

  • Half terms and Summer breaks we run holiday tennis which is a fun action packed day of Tennis or a half and half mixture of Tennis and then multi sports depending on venue, to see more information, please see our holiday tennis page (Please select your venue). click

  • What happens if it rains? We try and give 30 mins notice as we can never keep up with the British weather at the best of times, so please make sure you are signed up to our Whatsapp groups to get information. If it does rain and we cancel, we will issue a code for the next half term of coaching, this will then take off the sessions that you have missed.

Here are the next steps:

  1. Decide if Pay monthly could be an option or paying for each half term? (if you choose pay monthly, simply select your package Bronze, Silver or Gold and then redeem your sessions with your plan) Pay monthly information click

  2. Select the link from our Live4Tennis website click or the link you have been sent via our Whatsapp groups.

  3. Sign up for the next half term of coaching.

We look forward to seeing you again after half term! If you want to get in touch please feel free to give us a call or email us on

Chris, Ian and Archie


Fun, Believe, Achieve

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